Valamar is a leader in Croatian tourism. In a desire to complement the offer and the satisfaction of its guests, they noticed a problem, unavailability to reach the grocery store at the camp. They asked us at Zambelli design to help in resolving the perceived lack. We have contributed to the quality in their camps and approach to the problem, precisely by creating a solution in a new verbally and visually recognizable brand. The idea to join together Istria’s history, autochthony and gastronomy is not a selected random coincidence. Strong historical ties between Italy and Istria intertwine in a lifestyle of Istrian’s population, even today. Taking into consideration all components of Istria’s territory, the beauty of its nature, and the quality of its product a new identity is born, under the brand name Valfresco.

We came up with the recognizable name by merging the words Val – wave – as an association to the main Valamar brand and the Istrian sea together with the Italian word for fresh – fresco. By choosing the logo’s colors, we played with variations of green color just like the landscape of the hills on which Istria lies. The logo’s shape rises like a wave while the icon itself reminds of a shopping cart in which you would like to put freshly bought groceries. At the same time, in the background of the logo icon, a hill rises on the horizon of rich Istrian nature.

Following the market trend of the current market situation and stepping up to those challenges, the Valfresco brand complements the experience of Valamar Camping guests with a rich daily offer in one place and a better feeling of welcome.

Field of work:

Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation