Speeza is a newly opened Mediterranean street food concept in Kentucky, created by a founder with deep roots in Mediterranean culture. The brand offers traditional food from Croatian, Greek, and Lebanese cuisine in a modern concept for the US market. Our team had the opportunity to work with Speeza on their brand strategy, verbal and visual identity, and an extensive brand manual for future brand and franchise developments. We collaborated closely with the founder to bring their vision to life, capturing the essence of Mediterranean culture while appealing to the local market.

The brand name, Speeza, is a unique take on the Dalmatian slang word “Spiza,” which means a nice meal or food. The typographic logo we created is inspired by three Mediterranean elements – hospitality (a hand holding), a small fish (sardine), and an olive tree leaf. These elements represent the warmth, freshness, and natural ingredients central to Mediterranean cuisine.

To reflect the brand’s healthy and delicious offerings, we developed a color palette inspired by the Mediterranean’s colors, with olive green as the primary color and modern, vibrant hues. This color palette reflects the brand’s healthy offerings and evokes the feeling of the Mediterranean lifestyle. We also developed a slogan that captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle: “Eat like a Mediterranean.” This slogan emphasizes the simplicity and healthy nature of the Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle Speeza brings to its customers.

In addition to the brand identity, we designed a series of graphic and aesthetic elements that accompany the brand throughout its communication. We drew inspiration from the local Mediterranean and Balkan culture, incorporating traditional tablecloths’ textures and local fruits and vegetable illustrations. We also designed and developed brand packaging, bags, and to-go packaging (cups, boxes, paper bags), in addition to helping design a unique and well-planned digital menu for the restaurant. We suggested interior design details that reflect the brand’s Mediterranean identity and create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for customers.

Overall, Speeza is a brand that brings the Mediterranean street food experience to Kentucky, capturing the essence of Mediterranean cuisine and culture. With its distinctive brand identity, healthy and delicious offerings, and welcoming atmosphere, Speeza will indeed become a beloved destination for foodies in Kentucky and beyond.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation