Sai Bon is a new ready-to-eat Istrian culinary brand straight from the traditional kitchen of the Pjero family tavern. Located near Momjan, the Pjero tavern is renowned for offering traditional Istrian dishes, a warm family atmosphere and long-standing tradition. Those are the values we wanted to carry over to the new Sai Bon brand.

First we started with brand strategy by coming up with a unique story about the prospective brand and the name, Sai Bon, which in the Istrian vernacular means very good – tasty.

Sai Bon products, such as Istrian manestra, beef sugo, fish soup, cheese and truffle sauces, are all made with traditional Istrian recipes and produce that is organically grown in the immediate vicinity of the Pjero tavern.

This is why we toyed with traditional elements of Istrian cuisine in the form of lids that playfully transform the Sai Bon packaging into a cooking pot of sorts while telling a story about origin, tradition and quality. The visual identity of the Sai Bon brand was devised by fusing the typographic elements of the name with a spoon in order to create a simple logo in line with the brand’s packaging.

Thus Sai Bon was born, a healthy, traditional and tasty snack for those who haven’t got the time to prepare meals, yet enjoy the flavours of the green and blue Istria.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation