Quix – Quality vending points

Automatic Servis, a company from Buzet, that currently offers 4,000 vending machines, has entrusted us with the task of designing their new brand, this is how Quix was born. Automatic Servis is a successful company operating in the region for over 20 years, as well as a constantly developing and improving living organism. Over the years, they have managed to develop a service that goes above and beyond basic machine installation and maintenance by adding value to their clients while heeding their desires and needs. They wanted to create a brand that communicates their uniqueness on the market and that reaches the new generations of target costumer. This is why we have set up a new branding strategy and name for the future brand.

Quix, which is reminiscent of the word “quick”, denotes the main characteristic of the brand experience, namely fast service. In order to provide a deeper insight into the service itself and what makes it stand out, in addition to brand name we have worked on the brand category: “quality vending points”. The visual identity of Quix was created by choosing colours, textures and forms from Italian culture and the golden age of certain Italian giants, such as Martini and Fiat, and combining them with a modern style. With its slightly “vintage” look, Quix will transport you back to the Dolce Vita years for a brief moment and become a station for creating your own instant “sweet life” sensation.

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Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation