Let’s face it. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) world has seen it all. From burgers that stay “fresh” under a glass cover for 12 months straight to culinary masterpieces made with organic meat and gourmet sauces. So, how do you break into this highly competitive market? And how can a burger possibly get any better?

Smash burgers, that’s how! Simple and quick preparation with straightforward ingredients of good quality. Professional service in a super tidy space that radiates the ‘feel-good’. Just great burgers, easily reachable in your neighbourhood. And that’s it. Simple. Sincere. Clean. And yummy. Every time!

This was the leading idea behind the new project that a group of experienced QSR entrepreneurs had in mind when they asked us to create their new brand. They asked for the ‘back-to-basics’ approach, so we were excited to start!

The new brand identity had to be simple, so we used straightforward motives as inspiration: the round burger shape, the vintage paper hat, and the smiling staff. The result was an icon that looks like a happy emoji enjoying a great meal and evoking positive feelings about the food served in this shop.

We put bright red in stark contrast to snow white, a combination that proved to be the easiest to spot in the public space.

And because everything needs to be super practical, we also designed the “no mess” paper packaging. We used paper’ pockets’ to ensure the burger’s content didn’t drip.

Pockets. Hmm… Sounds simple, personal, and cute. Then it hit us – this is the perfect new brand name! We only added a staple ‘burgers’ as the product category.

The font uses Generation Z’s favourite retro-Americana vibe. Think traditional American diners serving great burgers. Finally, we wrapped everything together with an easy-to-remember slogan: Our taste, your smile. As simple as that.

Accompanying brand elements include red and white squares with a touch of silver, using a wrapping paper texture. The brand icon, name, and other small details are all designed as stickers, perfect for social media.

Now excuse us; we’re off to grab a bite in our new favourite burger joint just around the corner. We look forward to seeing Pockets in your town too!

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation