Nowadays, where contactless sales have become a kind of new standard, Reginex, the Istrian leader when it comes to bakery products, has offered a whole new experience of buying bread: self-service bread vending machines – vending machines that would always be filled with fresh baked goods, nicely packaged and protected, and available 24 hours a day.

The Panissimo brand is inspired by the strong historical ties between Istria and Italy. The brand name – Panissimo, is unique and in its roots has the Italian word “pane”, which means bread. The suffix -issimo, a superlative in Italian, is used to indicate that something is of the highest quality. This is how the word Panissimo was created and became the new name of a young Istrian brand.

In order to present a new way of bread distribution and enable its constant availability, the product category needed to be unique and visible. That’s how we came up with the idea: “24/7 Bread Stations”, which perfectly outlines exactly what Panissimo vending machines offer: bread stations that are “open” 24 hours a day.

For the visual identity, the Panissimo brand logo is drawn around the silhouette of bread to create a link to the Panissimo product. When drawing this shape, not any bread was drawn, but the one for which Reginex, the parent company of the Panissimo brand, is best known: bread formed from a loaf pan.

Buying bread at Panissimo self-service vending machines is very simple and user-friendly – just like the Panissimo brand, its visual and verbal identity and the design of the machines. We used the same philosophy when creating the slogan: FAST AND CONVENIENT.

The strong contrast between the brand colors, black and yellow, which were inspired by the color of bread, contributes to better visibility of the vending machines in the retail space, and in combination with striking typography makes this brand memorable and unique.

Panissimo joins the tradition of authentic products and reliable services with the innovation of modern technology, working and simplifying your life by providing the bread you are looking for at any time of the day (and night). Panissimo is a “personable” vending machine with elements of humanness and warmth from freshly baked bread, and a desire to unite people because Panissimo believes that shared, small moments make life more beautiful and cheerful.

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Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation