Own.Solutions is a new company with two offices (one in Rijeka, Croatia, and another in Dublin, Ireland), which was born out of the European division of an international corporation known as Afterpay Touch Group. What Own.Solutions has developed is a platform for financial software product and service development that will be installed in tens of thousands of convenience stores.

The company’s strategy is to develop an entire digital market that would bridge the gap between consumers in the physical world and digital economy players, by combining their 20,000 stores across Europe with more than 50 partnering, IT companies that provide e-services.

Definitely, a very complex concept “at first”, and our task was to transform it into a simple and clear visual identity for an emerging company entering a highly congested financial technology market.

What was important to communicate towards these potential buyers is the expected brand experience, promising safe, simple, and easy money transactions that enable conversions of physical money into digital currencies – and the other way around.

In order to get to the core of the company’s values, we created an Own.Solutions’ brand strategy, serving as a platform for all future communication. We identified the target group, brand positioning, brand voice and language style, created the company slogan, and added a deeper meaning through the definition of brand experience and brand personality.

The symbolism of the point, which is also contained in the name of the company, has inspired the creation of the circle and the arc, symbolizing the bridge and the idea of connecting the digital and real world. Also, the arc and point, alternating in a dense structure, allude to a digital, binary system, which will be used as background or texture for different marketing collateral assets.

The chosen colours stand out from the typical blue and grey tones of the financial world: fresh green symbolises new ideas, while the wise purple “grounds” the entire visual identity.

To match the created visual identity, we have chosen a brand voice and language style that is friendly and relaxed, but at the same time professional and educated. It was important that the brand voice reflect the feeling of trust and the reliable partner that prospects can count on, but who is also clever and not afraid to try new concepts.

The result of creating a brand strategy for Own.Solutions was the development of a fresh and modern visual identity that sets the company apart from other, slightly distant and up-tight brands, typical in the FinTech space.

The brand logo and its implementation throughout corporate materials, internal documents, presentations for investors, and the website, provides the desired brand experience of an inviting technology that sparks curiosity.

Those were exactly the main objectives of Own.Solutions’ platform and the whole ecosystem it builds.

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Brand Strategy
Brand Verbal Identity
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