OSH Moments

How to rebrand a company selling lingerie to a conservative market? That was our main challenge when Osh Moments reached out to our studio, looking for a fresh design with a new identity and market position. Because Osh Moments is online lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear platform tailored for the growing market of women in the Persian Gulf who expect a subtle shopping experience.

To better understand the market needs and the client’s wants, we created a complete branding strategy because it uses a process that deep dives into customer behaviours. For example, we learned that beautiful lingerie items are objects of desire among millions of Arab women. Still, they want that shopping experience to stay completely private. Online stores are, therefore, perfect solutions for these buyers.

When a group of Kuwaiti entrepreneurs took over the online marketplace known as Osh Moments, the digital store was positioned in a very traditional manner. The new owners wanted to maintain some traditional elements that respect Middle Eastern cultural norms. However, they also wanted a fresh approach to the new design, introducing slightly more desirable features to attract younger women.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation

The Shape of a Secret

The previous visual identity of the online Osh Moments store used a finger-on-lips illustration, including a brand name. The client wanted to keep that symbol of secrecy but achieve a more modern look and feel.

We refreshed the puckered lips and finger icon with new colours and a more straightforward illustration excluding letters. In addition, we wanted to ensure the message was uncluttered and the brand visual was cleaner and easier to remember. To achieve that, we distributed elements of the previous logotype and icon into three different forms:

Colour of Passion

Pastel and beige tones were replaced with a passionate red. We balanced it out with gentle pink shades, symbolising female virtue.

Sensual Patterns

The new brand textures and patterns that support the brand’s visual and verbal identity across different customer touchpoints use a lot of silk, satin, and velvet. It’s easy to guess why, as they represent the typical lingerie materials that evoke sensuality.


In addition to the other supporting textures, we have created a unique package design to ensure the unboxing experience matches the expectations of today’s online buyers. We wanted to create a memorable experience and an ‘A-ha!’ moment that helps the brand build customer loyalty, so we designed attractive boxes, ribbons, and paper.

Digital branding

Implementing the new brand in the Instagram feed attracted new followers. This social media channel is focused on visual appeal, so we created a consistent look and feel. We obtained that by staying in the same colour palette and using complementary vector art and photo material.  Learn more about our digital branding process on the link.