People have always strived to turn back time and keep their youthful appearance. However, at Neoderm, we believe that beauty can grow as we age and that the process of skin aging can be reversed. With more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, educational programs abroad, and the creation of a unique service on the market, the company’s founder, Štefica Švaganović Steffie, knew that she must communicate her business value more clearly through a new marketing message. Neoderm’s previous visual and verbal identity could not successfully convey her innovative approach, or connect with an audience that appreciates non-invasive, holistic, and natural methods of skin rejuvenation and weight loss. Her signature methods have been carefully created to connect East and West, through the wisdom of plants and the power of technology. Her clients recognized and recommended Steffie and her work, so the new brand must reflect that personal touch as well.

It became clear that Neoderm needed to rebrand and create an entirely new identity aligned with the level of service that was built and perfected over the years. Our goal was to connect the new look and marketing message of the brand with:

  • its founder and her personalized approach to clients,
  • the company’s pro-aging philosophy, which looks at aging as a privilege that should be treated with specific care
  • highly effective results for which Neoderm is famous and that are achieved without the typical procedures of the aesthetic medical industry

The task, which was not easy at all, was to use branding to express a less popular opinion about aging – and to show it in all its glory – while focusing on lasting values ​​and elegance.

We started by exploring the ancient symbols of true values and life wisdom, which we found in the element of Ginkgo Biloba as the longest-living plant, frequently associated with the wisdom and power of nature.

We wanted to tell a story of the life cycle and the skin aging process, which Neoderm is reversing to restore the skin’s youthful glow. To support that concept, we used the symbol of the circle in which the Ginkgo Biloba leaves spin: from smaller (symbol of youth) to larger (symbol of maturity).

We have chosen colors that range from pastel pink to its darker shades to illustrate blending with the skin, which is the primary focus of Neoderm’s business. The addition of warm gray tones introduced an element of maturity. Refined gold details were used to showcase the brand’s positioning as a luxury experience and a highly valued service.

Different textures complement the main visual identity, which will be used across promotional materials and in interior décor. These textures have a silky, smooth look reminiscent of the softness of the skin, which can be achieved with regular care.

The verbal identity kept the company’s recognizable name, Neoderm by Steffie. We added a new slogan:

The Renaissance of Beauty

The term renaissance has been used to evoke the impression of skin rejuvenation, and to illustrate a new meaning of beauty, in which maturity and age bring authentic looks to a person.

The new elements of Neoderm’s visual and verbal identity have completely aligned its target audience with its services, focusing on elegance and wisdom of the pro-aging philosophy. The sophisticated visual and verbal identity helps Neoderm to stand out on the market, reflect its founder’s specific approach, and attract the right customers.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation