Ludvig dental is respectable, family-owned dental clinic in Celje, well known for its top quality and professional approach. Increased number of patients and staff, as well as their new business direction with a commercial focus, required a new visual identity that would reflect the clinic’s growth.

Zambelli Brand Design started the process by developing an entire brand strategy.

In a world that favours aesthetics before health, quick service before taking the time to produce quality, and innovation must-haves before knowledge and experience, it is not easy to act differently. To believe in professionalism, elegance, great service, education and comprehensive, personal approach – rather than to follow the mass trend – has become a rare trait. And this is exactly what Ludvig dental is all about. Located in an old Austrian villa in Celje that has been a healthcare institution since 1964, Ludvig dental clinic reflects traditional European values such as quality, elegance, family, and balance. All that became the inspiration for the design of Ludvig’s brand identity.

Ludvig’s brand main colour is royal blue that represents tradition and that, paired to gold gives the whole brand a sophisticated look and feel. In addition to blue and gold, Ludvig corporate communication materials have been designed with nature-inspired textures like seashell and pearls symbolizing immanence and elegance.

“Quality never gets out of style.” and “Where tradition in dentistry meets innovation.” became the slogans that convey Ludvig dental brand story in one sentence.

Ludvig dental branding case shows that brands that have a deep root in history and tradition may have a contemporary approach and style in branding.

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