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Lucia Health Guidelines is a clinically driven technology based on artificial intelligence, providing diagnosis and guideline-recommended treatment for patients with Atrial Fibrillation. Lucia is a source of real-world evidence that enables transitions of care to be reproducible at other institutions and supports healthcare professionals in the prescription of treatment. Lucia improves patient outcomes and reduces overall healthcare costs.

Its mission is to advance guideline-based treatment, starting with Atrial Fibrillation and the prevention of stroke. First and foremost, it is a highly complex product concept that needed to be transformed into a clear visual identity and brand. In order to better understand Lucia as a tool but also in order to get to the core of Lucia’s values, we worked with the client on Lucia’s brand personality. We started by defining Lucia as a person with specific values and character, which served as a platform for all future brand creativity and communication.

We identified Lucia as a reliable, innovative and elegant person that speaks with knowledge, authority and confidence. When creating the Lucia brand, we strive to reproduce this same character and personal statements to create an elegant, sophisticated brand with a visual language that is simple yet powerful. The Lucia logo was designed around the arrow concept (as a directional guide), the letter L, and heart symbol.

Those three significant elements combined together created a powerful symbol that – shows a particular direction – just as Lucia tool does. In terms of colours, textures and typography we designed Lucia tool brand identity around elegant grey tones, outlines and sans serif typography that communicates sophistication and immanence. Going through a branding strategy exercise helped the Lucia team to simplify the complexity of product description. Zambelli Brand Design successfully translated it into a communication platform that is implemented throughout corporate materials, internal documents, presentations, and the website, providing the desired brand experience of an innovative technology that speaks with knowledge and style.

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