Logista is a renowned Croatian company which has received many accolades and industry recognitions for its successful sales and distribution business (telecommunication services and products, technological devices, and tobacco products). For more than 25 years, the company has been building excellence in relation to clients and partners, while also creating a top-notch company culture, based on respectful relationships towards each employee. Its highly developed value system and the way the company operates on the inside, as well as its successful partner relationships, were the key themes for their rebranding process.

Logista wanted to showcase all that it has achieved over those 25 years in a new visual identity. We initiated the process by defining the key features. On one side, they include the strength of their team and a stable work environment. On the other, the dynamics and movement, present both in the distribution business and in their constant pursuit of progress and innovation.

  • The first element of the movement is in the letter “o” within the brand name, which is reminiscent of a moving dial. It was used to emphasize the dynamics and innovation, as well as the moving vehicles from Logista’s fleet of vehicles.
  • Texture is an additional brand element, in which a stark contrast of red and white were also used to create the impression of movement. The dot was borrowed from the old visual identity, but was used in a different manner, forming intersections of straight white lines on a red background.

We also developed a new Logista slogan: “A team-driven company”. The word “team” obviously illustrates Logista’s focus on the people and employees who are the true drivers of the company’s success. The word “driven” describes the motivation to work and the fact that Logista’s employees are always on the move, both physically and in terms of personal and professional progress.

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Brand Strategy
Brand Visual Identity
Brand Implementation