As a Croatian manufacturer of workwear and safety clothing that started 28 years ago, sewing supermarket and chain store uniforms, Hemco has expanded its business over the years and adapted its clothing to different economic sectors. Over time, seven sub-brands have emerged in this process. The problem was that the market didn’t perceive them as  branches of one umbrella brand, plus Hemco wanted a modernized visual identity to compete in foreign markets. The company reached out with the desire to create an entirely new brand strategy for all future communication and marketing.

For Hemco, we built a defined and documented brand platform, including its brand story and philosophy, brand experience, brand personality and character, designated target groups, and brand slogan, as well as the brand’s market positioning statement. We identified several “layers” of Hemco’s business. Primarily, Hemco’s clothing position as a synonym for high functionality, protection and comfort, the second layer is about aesthetics and workwear in line with company standards, while the third level is about attire that can help improve the perception of a business by reflecting its organizational culture and values. To emphasize the fact that Hemco primarily reflects a sense of protection and security, we used a shield icon in the creation of the company logo. The lines are clear and the letter ‘H’, firmly embedded in the form of the shield following its contours, symbolizes the strength of the business. At a second glance, you will notice something else within the lower part of the letter ‘H’ : the number 1, which also illustrates Hemco’s strength and leading position in the market.

The typography of letters follows modern rounded lines. We added a product category to the brand name, which simply says “Workwear”. The chosen colour is orange, as a recognizable symbol of activities that deal with protection against danger and which, in contrast to white and black, provides visibility that is crucial for workers in these sectors. Also, orange signifies warmth, heartiness and the energy of the workers who wear Hemco clothes. One logo variation looks like a sewn element made of fabric to highlight the company’s core business.

A verbal identity now complements the visuals, in the form of a new slogan for Hemco: “Wearing safety with style”.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation