The Flain brand is THE destination for activewear style essentials, serving customers from the GCC area with athleisure clothing for everyday use, and offering a unique selection of exclusive brands and an outstanding online shopping experience. It is an online platform that provides an easy, comfortable shopping process for customers seeking both comfort and style.

It all started during the 2020 pandemic, when a group of young entrepreneurs from Kuwait noticed activewear breaking down barriers and dress codes around the world. To connect the GCC buyers who recognised the new trend with the growing activewear market and its top brands, they envisioned an online platform which would need a strong brand strategy and both a visual and verbal identity.

Working closely with the Flain team, we defined a whole brand strategy for the future brand. From brand story and philosophy to brand experience and positioning, each touchpoint of the brand had to be defined in order to give Flain customers an outstanding experience.

Extra soft, organic cotton. Super-comfortable clothes that move with your body. Durable materials that preserve their shape after months of everyday use. And all of that, without having to sacrifice style and elegance. Flain’s style is designed to provide both a modern and sexy look, while Flain branding is designed to communicate the same values. Simple lines, modern textures. A super-clean approach to graphic design that adapts through each communication channel and every touchpoint with the customer. This is how we envisioned Flain.

Find more about the project on Flain case study.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation