First Coffee

The coffee market is over-saturated with new concepts, and designing unique brand experiences is crucial for making your brand exceptional.

First coffee is a unique blend of coffee and coffee concepts that will be distributed through pop-up and corner stores.

When we were first approached by the team behind First coffee we were amazed by the unique name they had for their brand. Unfortunately, their visuals didn’t follow. We started by defining a brand strategy for their brand. First coffee was designed to bring you an indulgent coffee experience in a to-go environment where the interaction with the brand is limited and short-term. This is why their visual brand design had to become the vessel telling their unique story.

At a first glance, First logotype looks like a simple rooster symbolizing mornings – the favorite parts of the day for having a great cup of coffee. But a more curious eye will – by rotating the logo – see a hidden detail in First logotype – the number “1” followed by st – 1st – standing for First. We played furthermore with the morning concept defining both an English and Croatian slogan for the brand – Inspiring your mornings – and – Jedino se prva pamti.

What followed was the definition and design of each brand touchpoint – from unique brand textures, and paper cups to product presentation and menus, from to-go bags to concepts for pop-up store designs.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation