D’Or Beach Club

Polidor is a four-star family camp located in Funtana, Poreč (Istria), known for its quality, personalized service. Positioned among the best campsites in Europe, Polidor keeps winning awards and recognitions. Right next to the camp, Polidor also manages the beach area, including an exclusive beach bar famous for great cocktails, delicious snacks, and great entertainment with music and live events. However, over time, the reputation of Polidor beach moved away from the family camp image, building a more luxurious customer experience and high-class service. Because of this distinction, Polidor wondered if it should just slightly modify the beach bar identity and keep its connection to the camp – or design a completely new brand?

After a deeper analysis and creating a branding strategy, together with the client, we concluded that the new visual identity of the beach needs a separate form, which connects better to the ideal customer. We named the new brand D’Or, and the reason for this choice is twofold. When pronounced, D’Or carries a strong echo of the former name and a link to the Polidor camp. On the other hand, the word in Italian translation means ‘of gold’, where we wanted to communicate its premium experience.

Our main task was to connect the new identity with the already achieved level of service, carrying a touch of elegance. We built the new brand’s personality around a luxurious, cosmopolitan and innovative profile of a dreamer who exudes style.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation

When designing a new brand, we always look away from typical illustrations and try to find something original yet familiar enough that showcases the essence of the product or service. We dropped the usual symbols of parasols and cocktail glasses and focused our main inspiration around the sea goddess from ancient Rome, Salacia. It perfectly embodies the ‘divine experience’ while carrying the scent of the sea and an image of golden sunsets. Based on the appearance of Salacia, we created an iconography including a beautiful female face surrounded by fish, shells and seahorses instead of hair. Even the typography has a line of sea fins and mermaids, with the last letter ‘R’ ending in a curved, ‘floating’ extension.

When choosing colours, we made another distinction from the previous identity. We have replaced the predominantly beige-white shades with the elegance of dark blue and pastel yellow, which is better associated with the Mediterranean and underlined with a golden note.

We rounded up the whole identity with a slogan that adds to the brand name and evokes a luxury service – ‘A splash of gold’ – simulating a splash of water and a champagne party on the beach.

D’Or Beach Bar is already refurnished in a new colour palette and iconography, ready for another successful tourist season. Just by glancing over D’Or’s brand identity, guests instantly know what type of experience and service they can expect in this classy beach bar.