Benin is a family-run company offering different coffee services for over 30 years, with new plans that turn their coffee shop business into a franchise model. This lively family loves music, coffee, and sharing happy moments, and they are well known for their warm and cheerful customer approach. We wanted to transmit that energy into their business and their franchise plans with the visual identity that tells a story of happiness, passion and feel-good.

Coffee lovers think that coffee is a divine drink that tastes like heaven. Whether it’s a part of their morning ritual or a pause in a busy day, a cup of coffee gives them instant happiness. We used that “heavenly good feeling” as a starting point for Benin’s brand concept, infusing its divine spirit into coffee shops through a symbol of an angel – a happy Cherub serving coffee. The underlying symbolism of the Renaissance movement is no coincidence; it illustrates the “renaissance of the soul” after taking a sip of coffee, as well as the connection to Italy, the homeland of premium coffee.

The brand had to speak to three levels of coffee lovers: basic, intermediate and advanced. Most of them are Millennials and Gen Z, so we used their favourite baby pink and blue tones. The addition of strong yellow and red highlights the energetic brand personality. Product packaging is designed as a secondary advertising mechanism and aligned with the target’s expectations of sustainability: paper cups, jute tote bags and tins. The texture with angelic clouds is present in multiple details, constantly transmitting the “heavenly good feeling”. The resulting brand experience is coherent at every brand touchpoint.

Field of work:

Brand strategy
Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation