Amber is a name signifying a unique concept of perfumery that offers niche perfumes. Niche perfumes are available in a limited number, which makes them luxury products that will satisfy all true fragrance enthusiasts.

The offer provided by the Amber perfumery makes us think of smoothness, fragrance, luxuriousness, and tranquility. We have incorporated all these characteristics into the visual identity of this sophisticated brand. We have played with the detail in the initial letter A, which depicts a hand gently touching the face, which symbolizes care, and plants, which symbolize scents.

The aesthetics of the brand’s visual identity was inspired by the brands offered by this perfumery and, bearing in mind that these are all premium products, a touch of elegance runs through the elements of the brand’s visual identity, color, and texture.

The objective behind the Amber project branding was to create a unique shopping experience in this oasis of elegance, care, and beauty. That is why we have paid special attention to the choice of materials and printing techniques so that each contact with the customer exudes luxury, much like Amber itself.

Field of Work:

Brand visual design
Brand implementation