Adorna, former Naval is a family business that has been known for many years for excellence in interior decoration and curtain design.

The uniqueness in curtain production, a wide range of fabrics, and the special attention to details in addition to the elegant taste of its founder weren’t communicated through their outdated brand.

This is why in the first phase of the project, we searched for a more appropriate brand name that would tell the brand’s distinctive story. The extremely rich offer when it comes to fabrics served us as an inspiration for the new verbal identity that has been created from the Italian word “Adornare” which stands for embellishing, decorate. To better emphasize the beauty and comfort provided by superbly designed fabrics and curtains we added the brand name to a fully new brand category – Living design.

In the second phase of the project, we were challenged to find a strong symbol, both modern and timeless, which stylistically can follow different styles when it comes to interior decoration.

Adorna’s visual identity was constructed around the initial letter of the brand. The letter A, which at a first glance looks simply stylized, was used to iconify a window a curtain, and a rail.

The goal of the branding of the Adorna project was to create a strong visual identity that would communicate the quality of this family business and would help the business in consolidating Its leading position on the market.

Field of Work:

Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
Brand implementation