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Kissa beachwear brand identity design

Chances of creating an outstanding piece of design get bigger when you get to know your client – when the designer and the client speak the same language.

Kissa beachwear story starts in Milan, where founder Martina Corak, lives and breathes fashion. Martina’s background is in banking thus her biggest dream was to create a line of sexy yet sophisticated bikinis.

Martina is originally Croatian her roots are from the Island of Pag. We choose a unique name for her brand – KISSA – which is the ancient name for the Island of Pag. To give the brand its category we decided to add beachwear term.

The idea behind branding is linked to pebble and stone structures. Every pebble is unique, it has its own identity just as every woman is unique and has her own style and character.

Playing with different pebble designs, patterns, and structures we created Kissa logo distinctive typography. We choose contrast colors for all the promotional materials to give Kissa a sophisticated look and black and white images that accompany this unique brand.

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