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Have you seen this packaging? When our clients from Surf’n’fries briefed us, nobody knew that the Zambelli Brand Design packaging would be the core of Surf’n’fries’ brand success.

Surf’n’fries branding

Surf'n'fries is a 1950s California-themed chain of fried potato bars established in Europe. Its packaging is a big reason for its huge success in Croatia. The idea behind the branding is that surfing is perceived as freedom, and Surf'n'fries represents a freedom of choice when it comes to food and lifestyle.

Our solution was to introduce retro cone-shaped paper packaging. This design made the packaging multi-functional in such a way that it holds potatoes, two dips and a cup for a soft drink.

Surf’n’fries is today the most successful brand in Croatia when it comes to the QSR industry.

Zambelli Design has been a part of this project since the start. Since then, we have taken huge steps and Surf’n’Fries now has more than 50 outlets in Croatia and the EU.