Liburnia Riviera Hotels

Field of work: Branding, identity design, positioning, brochure design

Zambelli Brand Design has developed a new brand for the Liburnia Riviera Hotel chain.


Liburnia Riviera Hotels represents the biggest hotel group in Opatija. The town of Opatija is the queen of Croatian tourism. Throughout its history, Opatija has had its ups and downs, and Opatia as the main protagonist was eager to have its identity and image redesigned. For these reasons we suggested to the client that they add the prefix (RE)DISCOVER in communicating with the end-user. In this way, we highlighted the need for Opatija to be rediscovered as a destination.

The stars

We assigned 15 stars to this project, as that is how many hotels this hotel group has.

Shine like a star

“Shine like a star” is the slogan for this project. It evokes the star as a symbol of Liburnia Riviera Hotels and gives the idea of guests feeling like stars.

Consistency in all communication

Our idea was to come up with a story about this company that is coherent, but which also strengthens the company’s image and each hotel’s character. The LRH project is realized through a number of different catalogues for leisure, business and wellness, and also hotel catalogues. The catalogues emphasize the uniqueness of the region, the grandeur of the destination and the range of services that LRH offers.

During this process, we took special care regarding the printing techniques and materials for the catalogues, and in the end finished up with superb print quality and production.