Esensa Mediterana

Field of work: Branding, segmentation, identity design, Graphic design, packaging, brochure design, Advertising

Esensa Mediterana Prestige Spa Collection branding, identity and packaging design. The Zambelli Brand Design exclusive branding process allowed this Istrian cosmetics producer to enter the Italian market and target the most demanding consumer needs and expectations.


Many years before people had hot tubs, massage showers or Jacuzzis, in the Mediterranean part of Europe people had hot baths with walls with golden and silver mosaics.
Esensa Mediterana products are handmade in Istria, Croatia, close to the places where the ancient Romans used to enjoy their hot baths. The aim of this prestige product is to bring these ancient gold and silver times into modern urban bathrooms. Esensa Mediterana has seven different products called the «Prestige Spa Collection». Interestingly, Esensa Mediterana uses elements like gold and caviar to provide prestige and top quality for their customers.

The design of Esensa Mediterana products combines the age of ancient golden baths and also gold as a constituent in this premium product with the shape of the tall modern urban buildings where the product is consumed.