Zambelli brand design

Our expertise is the branding of existing and emerging products. We also create identities for different products to make them recognizable on the market.

Why do you need to brand your product?

We believe that if your product does not shine on today's cluttered market, it simply won’t be seen by your customers.

Can you say why a customer should choose your product? Is it because of its uniqueness, its price or maybe its value? Most of our clients weren’t sure how to answer this question. That is where we come in and help you make your product wanted and visible on the customer’s mental radar. We do this by giving your product a distinctive brand and design.


How can we at ZAMBELLI BRAND DESIGN help you?

Together, we can reach your customers, transforming the hidden value of your products into a tangible demand and need.

We can make your product distinctive so that its identity tells a special story, the one that your customers need, look for and want.


Our team

Do you want to know why our brands are so successful?

The head of our team is Anja Zambelli Čolak, who is the only designer in the region that has a master’s degree in Business Design. She brings knowledge from the most prestigious universities in Milan, from the European Institute for Design and the Domus Academy – the most influential Italian design house.

Anja Zambelli has experience working on projects for 3M, Pininfarina and Unilever. In addition, Anja has created the branding and design for some of the most successful Croatian brand processes, such as Surf’n’Fries, Liburnia Riviera Hotels and Esensa Mediterana.

Our team is made up of professionals from different fields, including copywriters, photographers and other experts that will accompany you in making your unique brand.



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How are we doing it?

Forget about ever being dissatisfied with the outcome of your design. Our approach is that you don't just like your design, you and your customers will adore it.

Design is just the outcome of our reflection of your relationship with your market.